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Everyone craves Mexican food. The fresh house-made flour chips, spicy salsa, cheesy enchiladas and chunky guacamole – it calls to the foodie in all of us. This Now Serving Omaha webisode features Howard’s Charro Cafe, an Omaha Mexican tradition serving up favorites for more than 50 years.

Each year Howard’s creates special t-shirts with quirky phrases that capture its attitude and flavor. We want to commemorate these catchy lines below – enjoy!

Has your burrito been smothered lately?
Regular visitors rave about Howard’s twist on classic Mexican dishes. The popular burritos are stuffed with mounds of meat, grilled onions, green peppers, and smothered with lettuce, cheese and a spicy red or green chile. Howard’s enchiladas are so addicting that fans from all over the country pay big bucks to have them frozen and shipped to their front door. Why? The secret is in the sauce. Most enchiladas are covered with a chili pepper but Howard’s smothers theirs with hearty gravy that leaves diners wanting more.

Save Water, Drink Margaritas
We all want to belly up to the bar serving the best Margaritas. Howard’s fans toast to the generous tequila pours and the perfect mix of triple sec and lime. Along with the sweet and salty rita, folks enjoy the comfortable atmosphere of a restaurant owned and operated by the same family for more than five generations. The walls are literally painted with the family’s history and the owner’s 85-year-old uncle still works as a server – dishing out sage advice with the enchiladas. Don’t bother asking him for old family recipes, he’ll never tell…

Polly want a Taco?
Since the very beginning, everything served out of Howard’s kitchen has been cooked up with ingredients measured in scoops and handfuls. Cooking is a creative endeavor and most of the dishes have a unique story. For example, the popular bean dip was created when Grandma accidentally spilled the beans…literally…into the cheese dip. From there the dip grew to become a must-have starter to every Howard’s visit.

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2018 update: Howard's Charro Cafe continues to offer authentic cuisine and experiences under new management. 

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