Block 16

Now Serving Omaha

This Now Serving Omaha webisode takes your burger and fries craving to a whole new level. Since opening in 2012, Block 16 has become a local favorite with die-hard fans lining up and out the door on a daily basis. What keeps folks in line day after day? How about the award winning burgers piled high with all the fixins and covered in a secret sauce that keeps every mouth watering.

The best description of the Block 16 mission comes from co-chefs and co-owners Paul and Jessica Joyce Urban - declaring their trendy burger joint “hell-bent on creating fresh, fun, street-style food.”

Oh the fries! We can’t talk about Block 16 without mentioning the plentiful fries made every way you can imagine (and some ways you would never dream of). For example, the award- winning Poutine, fries topped with locally produced cheese curds drenched in creamy gravy; and the Gangsta Fries covered in green onions, pork rinds and drizzled with a Chipotle sauce. If you’re feeling froggy, order the Dragon Fries with a spicy dragon sauce, cheese curds, scallions and a crushed fortune cookie. With sides like these, it’s a challenge to save room for the main course.

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